Victorian Climate Action Calendar: 28 June to 29 August 2015

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The latest update of the Victorian Climate Action Calendar

Victorian Climate Action Calendar

    The Calendar covering events from 28 June to 29 August 2015  

     can be downloaded here and from

    Some items of interest are featured below.



– “There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel

industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our

power supplies from oil, coal and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal

and other renewable energy sources.” –  Bill McKibben

  • ACTION TO STOP ADANI – YouTube video


On Monday 22 June Traditional Owners and Reef Town locals led over 100 Australian’s in an action at Abbot POINT on the edge of the great barrier Reef.  Aunty Carol Prior, Juru Traditional Owner, spoke about the beauty and cultural significance of the area around Abbot Point and the Reef. She invited all of us to join her in taking the pledge to stop the destruction of her country. As thousands of Australians sign the pledge we will build a powerful network of people stretching across every corner of the country — people who are willing to take part in bold actions to protect our future. This is our warning to Adani and the banks – rule out these projects OR face an unrelenting community campaign.

Key findings:

Tackling climate change effectively means that existing coal mines will need to be retired before they are exploited fully and new mines cannot be built.

The Galilee Basin coal could emit more than Australia’s entire emissions each year.

Potential export markets for Galilee coal are rapidly dwindling as the world moves away from coal toward renewable energy.

There are increasing signs from global investors that they consider Galilee coal too risky of an investment.



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