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Mik Aidt is a Danish journalist, musician and climate action campaigner based in Australia

This weekend the climate emergency is out in the open

Stall at the SLF: collecting signatures for the Climate Emergency Declaration Interview with festival director about the climate emergency 16-minute radio interview with Sustainable Living Festival director Luke Taylor about his ambition for the festival that dares to mingle with “the mother of all issues” – the climate emergency. The interview [...]

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Climate emergency campaigning workshop 1

Presentations at the Victorian Climate Action Network forum – a ‘climate emergency campaigning workshop’ – held on 11 September 2016 in Melbourne. David Spratt: Why is emergency-scale action necessary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_LO8iUs1qY “We need to understand the gravity of the climate emergency and get to the bottom of what science actually demands.” David Spratt » More information about David [...]

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Dire warnings coming from Australian climate scientists

154 Australian scientists demand climate policy that matches the science “While the Paris Agreement remains unbinding and global warming has received minimal attention in the recent elections, governments worldwide are presiding over a large-scale demise of the planetary ecosystems, which threatens to leave large parts of Earth uninhabitable. We call on the Australian government to tackle the root [...]

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Amazing things – are what we need to do on climate now

David Spratt, author of ‘Climate Reality Check’. Photo: Centre for Climate Safety We need ideas leadership. The rate of climate action needs to be more urgent than the politicians want to speak about, says David Spratt, author of ‘Climate Reality Check’, in this short audio interview: » Right-click to download the [...]

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February 2016 hottest month on record

Mind-blowing February 2016 temperature anomaly, close to 2°C above true pre-industrial NASA say February 2016 hottest month on record, jaw dropping 1.35°C above mid-20th century average as climate cooks: » www.weather.com Note this anomaly is over the 1950-1980 baseline, which is 0.3°C warmer that late around 1900 and around 0.6°C warmer than true pre-industrial around 1750. [...]

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Movement-wide climate petition collaboration

• Get wider exposure for your own petitions: add them to the list Whenever you launch a new petition or ready-to-send email campaign, add it to the embeddable list here: www.climatesafety.info/newpetition • Help other climate groups reach more people: embed the list on your website Copy and paste an iframe code into your own website [...]

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Which way forward for the climate movement?

Write-up of the Climate Forum which was held on 17 February 2016 in Melbourne: Which way forward for the climate movement? Green Left Weekly hosted a forum on 17 February 2016, entitled: ‘After the Paris Climate Talks: Which way forward for the climate movement?’, with three speakers: • John Englart - citizen journalist, observer at [...]

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Invitation to the Geelong Act on Climate Festival

Build a better, safer, future for all The Geelong Act on Climate Festival official program has been released! This year between 20th and 23rd November, Geelong is hosting a community festival to empower people with ways they can act on climate change. The event will showcase positive solutions that encourage our community to Act on [...]

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Events leading up to the UN Summit in Paris

UPCOMING EVENTS 28-29 October: The Australian Climate Security Panel (Canberra) Australia and its neighbours are on the frontline of climate change. Soaring temperatures, rising sea levels and increases in extreme weather events will play a role in raising the risk of conflict, increasing the displacement of people and worsening the extent of destruction caused by [...]

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‘Striking Targets’ – a strategy paper

How can we enable societies to rise to the climate challenge as it confronts us in 2015? Philip Sutton’s recently published paper 'Striking Targets' – Matching climate goals with climate reality addresses the scale and speed of change needed, at the 11th hour, to provide the maximum possible protection for the world's people, species and ecosystems. [...]

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