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In this latest Breakthrough forum, Dr. Laurence Delina will discuss his recent book, ‘Strategies for Rapid Climate Mitigation: wartime mobilisation as a model for action?’.

Drawing upon episodes of World War 2 mobilizations Dr. Delina lays out contingency climate action strategies based upon the relative optimism provided by rapid deployment of demonstrated and proven sustainable energy technologies. In this assessment of accelerated sustainable energy transitions, Dr. Delina describes in a thought experiment how we could quickly mobilize the required technologies, finance, and labour resources, as well as how these processes can be coordinated by governments. Although wartime narratives can provide some lenses for getting us back to safer climate, Dr. Delina acknowledges that this analogy is far from perfect.

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wartime-mobilisation-as-a-model-for-climate-action-tickets-28853928878