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Major victory – stopping the East West Link
Yes! The community can win.
Victorians by working together stopped the East West Link. Public pressure through concerted local action, including ongoing picketing and blockades, local council opposition and a series of legal actions resulted in the EWLink becoming an election issue, and the Andrews Government swept to power with a clear mandate to stop the EW Link and invest in public transport.  The Napthine Government had signed contracts just before the election without releasing the business case. Victorians eventually found that this costly tunnel project would have returned under fifty cents in the dollar, cut a major public park in half and wrecked large parts of the inner north east heritage suburbs – the only beneficiaries would seem to have been the corporate contractors for a project that did little to help the major traffic flows in and out of the city.

Public Transport is critical for a safe climate future
To protect our climate we need to be building a world-class zero emissions public transport system and putting an immediate halt to the building of new freeways. Better public transport and improved support for active transport like bicycles and walking can help us solve the climate crisis and make our cities more livable as well.

Groups campaigning on on public transport include Public Transport not Traffic, Public Transport Users Association and Moreland Community Against the East-West Tunnel


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