Renewable energy

For a safe climate future we must transition to 100% renewable energy as fast as possible.

Help plan the transition

bzeWant to help plan the transition to 100% renewable energy, and zero emissions buildings, land use and transport?

Join one of the wonderful teams of expert volunteers at Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions have already published a stationary energy report Zero Carbon Australia showing that Australia can transition to 100% renewable energy in just ten years. Have a look at their Zero Carbon Buildings plan and go to their Energy Freedom website to find out how to retrofit your own home to lower your emissions. Their High Speed Rail Plan zero_carbon_australia_launchshows that Australia could build high speed rail up the east coast for much less than government estimates suggest.

The monthly Beyond Zero Emissions Discussion Group is an opportunity to hear from and question experts leading climate change solutions. Topics vary from renewable energy techincal innovations to social and political action. The event is generally held on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm at the University of Melbourne. Check what’s on this coming month.



Support renewable energy

Y2R in AngleseaCurrently renewable energy is under attack from both the state and federal governments. Investment in renewable energy dropped 90% after the uncertainty surrounding the RET review led by climate change denier, Dick Warburton, and the subsequent lowering of the Federal RET by 20%. In addition ARENA was directed that it could no longer invest in wind and rooftop solar.

Yes 2 Renewables, Friends of the Earth’s 2014 renewable energy campaign and road trip in support of the Renewable Energy Target helped put pressure on the Andrews government to repeal the worst of the anti wind farm laws, and put forward a strong case to reactivate a Victorian Renewable Energy Target, given the down turn in the renewables sector.

The Andrews government is reviewing the Victorian Climate Change Act and will soon release its Renewable Energy Action Plan that will set Victorian Renewable Energy Targets for 2020 and 2025.
Right now Yes 2 Renewables is continuing to support wind farms, community renewable energy, push for a permanent ban on unconventional gas in Victoria, and is mounting a strong campaign to support an ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Target and a fast transition to 100% renewable energy in Victoria.



Protect the rights of solar households

solar-citizens-new-englandAlready one million Australian homes have solar panels. This is reducing the need for expensive new power infrastructure and driving down the wholesale price of electricity. But it is also threatening the profits of the large power companies and they are fighting back, pressuring the government to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and considering the introduction of new fees for solar panel owners who export to the grid.

Over 80,000 Australians have joined Solar Citizens – acting to protect the rights of solar owners to cut energy bills, create clean power and take energy generation back into our own hands. Are you a solar owner or supporter? Get involved – or if you wondering about solar, look through Solar Citizens extensive information to help you take that first step to making your own energy on your own roof.


Energy efficiency

To achieve zero emissions power in the short time available, we need to move fast on energy efficiency and zero emissions buildings. Groups campaigning on energy efficiency and climate -friendly buildings include Environment Victoria‘s work on sustainable living and Beyond Zero Emissions’ Energy Freedom 10 steps campaign.