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The survey closes on Friday 8 September 2017.

At our last VCAN meeting, members suggested that it might be time for us to run a Victorian Summit for groups working on climate change, in their many and various ways. This was with a view to building a strong, and growing Victorian grassroots base for climate change action – a sort of Victorian Peoples Climate Summit

A small group of us has agreed to canvas this idea and assess if we are on the right track and if so what sort of a Summit meeting this might be. We have your email address as a potentially interested group, but may not have the right person, in which case we hope you will forward this to the right person.

At our first meeting, we decided to set up a survey to ask you what you’d like to do, if anything. We also decided to ask as many groups as we could find in Victoria who are taking some form of action on climate change. This means that some of you who receive this may not be members of VCAN, or indeed may not even have heard of us.  Take a look at our website if you’d like a bit more information before you proceed: www.vcan.net.au

So here is our survey to see if you also are looking for some connection between groups working for similar ends.

Please only respond if you have a possible interest in attending. We will take this as an individual response, rather than a group one.  We will be guided by these responses, as we are not intent upon taking this sort of action for the sake of it. 

Indeed we will need assistance to achieve a good outcome and we will be looking for offers of help a bit further down the track. We are hoping to provide a forum that meets the needs and interests of its attendees, not just those who set it up.

The survey aims to assess your interest in a summit, proposed for next year in February or March or possibly April. You will be asked how interested you’d be in attending and what sort of topics would attract you to come. If you find that the survey doesn’t enable you to say what you’d like to say, please email us with your thoughts, or talk to us. (Contact email: ci@the.inter.net.au)

Thanks so much for taking the few minutes it will take to answer the survey. If you would like more information or clarification of any part of the survey please call or email. Once these survey results have been analysed, if we are to proceed, a follow up survey will ascertain what role you might like to play. The survey closes on Friday 8 September 2017.

» Click here to take the ten question survey

Thanks for helping out here.

Yours sincerely
Carolyn Ingvarson for VCAN working group

VCAN Working group
Robert Dawlings, Andrea Bunting, Carol Ride, Anthony Gleeson, Carolyn Ingvarson

The Victorian Climate Action Network (VCAN) is a network of groups across Victoria taking action on climate change. We keep in touch and meet regularly to support each other and exchange information about our activities.

About the Author:

Mik Aidt is a Danish journalist, musician and climate action campaigner based in Australia