Adrian Whitehead: “Climate emergency message will be unstoppable”

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“Climate emergency message will be unstoppable,” Adrian Whitehead told the listeners of The Sustainable Hour on 18 July 2018:

“In Darebin, we’ve got a climate emergency response for the first time rolling out at government level. We are getting a momentum and actual, real change happening. But we need to start getting other councils to do the same. Because once that communication starts pumping out from Darebin, once we start reaching out to the ethnic groups and the churches, through volunteers from the community working hand in hand with council to get a combined approach, I think the climate emergency message will be unstoppable.”
~ Adrian Whitehead in The Sustainable Hour

Climate action campaigner Adrian Whitehead co-founded Beyond Zero Emissions, the political party Save the Planet, and Community Action for the Climate Emergency (CACE). He has been part of the group of local residents in the Melbourne suburb Darebin who have inspired and helped its City Council create the world‘s first local government Climate Emergency Plan. In September the first Climate Emergency Conference is held in Darebin.

Councils in Banyule, Moreland, Yarra and Port Melbourne, as well as in New South Wales and Western Australia are currently taking steps to follow Darebin City Council’s lead.

“If you are spending more money on coffee or hair dressing than acting on climate change, take a good hard look at yourself. Get a grip!”
~ Adrian Whitehead in The Sustainable Hour

Listen to The Sustainable Hour no. 225 with Adrian Whitehead:

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Mik Aidt is a Danish journalist, musician and climate action campaigner based in Australia