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First Climate Emergency Conference in Darebin

In September 2018, Darebin Council is convening a Climate Emergency Conference which will bring together people and organisations with shared concerns for our environment to demonstrate leadership in climate emergency action. The aim of this conference is to identify strategic action and opportunities for collaboration in addressing the climate emergency. Darebin City Council writes: “The

Adrian Whitehead: “Climate emergency message will be unstoppable”

“Climate emergency message will be unstoppable,” Adrian Whitehead told the listeners of The Sustainable Hour on 18 July 2018: “In Darebin, we’ve got a climate emergency response for the first time rolling out at government level. We are getting a momentum and actual, real change happening. But we need to start getting other councils

Breakthrough: Wartime Mobilisation as a model for Climate Action?

In this latest Breakthrough forum, Dr. Laurence Delina will discuss his recent book, 'Strategies for Rapid Climate Mitigation: wartime mobilisation as a model for action?'. Drawing upon episodes of World War 2 mobilizations Dr. Delina lays out contingency climate action strategies based upon the relative optimism provided by rapid deployment of demonstrated and proven sustainable

Climate emergency campaigning workshop 1

Presentations at the Victorian Climate Action Network forum – a ‘climate emergency campaigning workshop’ – held on 11 September 2016 in Melbourne. David Spratt: Why is emergency-scale action necessary? “We need to understand the gravity of the climate emergency and get to the bottom of what science actually demands.” David Spratt » More information about David

Dire warnings coming from Australian climate scientists

154 Australian scientists demand climate policy that matches the science “While the Paris Agreement remains unbinding and global warming has received minimal attention in the recent elections, governments worldwide are presiding over a large-scale demise of the planetary ecosystems, which threatens to leave large parts of Earth uninhabitable. We call on the Australian government to tackle the root