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Presentations at the Victorian Climate Action Network forum – a ‘climate emergency campaigning workshop’ – held on 11 September 2016 in Melbourne.

David Spratt: Why is emergency-scale action necessary?

“We need to understand the gravity of the climate emergency and get to the bottom of what science actually demands.”
David Spratt

» More information about David Spratt’s presentation, including all slides

Jane Morton: Moving into emergency mode

Philip Sutton: What can we learn from history about the declaration of an emergency

» More information about what a Climate Emergency Act could look like

Margaret Hender: Emergency campaigning – what have we learnt so far?

What have we learnt so far from the Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation campaign in Australia and what is needed to achieve our goal?


» Margaret Hender’s presentation in writing, including all slides

Simon Sheikh: Climate emergency strategic planning

Simon Sheikh, CEO Future Super and former GetUp leader, presents his ideas as to how to create momentum on the critical path to the declaration of a climate emergency.

Constituencybased campaigning

Constituency-based campaigning – illustration by Simon Sheikh

Mark Wakeham: Campaigning on the climate emergency – some thoughts


Mark Wakeham is the CEO for Environment Victoria, one of Australia’s leading environment non-government organisations. He talks about how the message that there isn’t a carbon budget left in his view is best communicated by climate action campaigners – drawing a parallel to the anti-nuclear movements’ refraining from using the mushroom-cloud in their campaigning because it they thought it would put people off. Should we or shouldn’t we be showing the mushroom-cloud of the ‘climate mind bomb’?

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Ezra Silk: An update on The Climate Mobilization campaign in the United States

Ezra Silk from Climate Mobilization talks about the American experience with climate emergency campaigning

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» Margaret Klein Salamon – 13 May 2016:
How to go into emergency mode


Other questions discussed at the workshop

What is climate emergency campaigning?
· Is it reinforcing and building accurate description of the climate science within all climate campaigns?
· Is it campaigning for the declaration of a climate emergency?
· Is it campaigning for a massive emergency-speed mobilisation?
· Is it all of the above?
· Is it something else? Something additional to the above?

Does your group do climate emergency campaigning? Which type? If not why not? If so how is it going? Could you do more or it?

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About the Author:

Mik Aidt is a Danish journalist, musician and climate action campaigner based in Australia